Estudar enfraquece

[…] Those who so become accustomed to walk in darkness weaken their eye‐sight so much that afterwards they cannot bear the light of day. This is confirmed by experience; for how often do we not see that those who have never taken to letter, give a sounder and clearer decision about obvious matters than those who have spent all their time in the schools? […] [p. 5]

RENÉ DESCARTES. Rule IV. p. 5–7. In: Rules for the direction of the Mind. Tradução de ELIZABETH S. HALDANE e G. R. T. ROSS. p. 1–40. In: WILLIAM BENTON. Descartes Spinoza. v. 31. In: ROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS. Great Books of the western world. Chicago, London, Toronto: Encyclopædia Britannica: 1952.



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