A importância da pornografia

Porn provides people with something they don’t have in their everyday life. Like, if you wanna learn how to give a good hand job, you can watch porn and learn how to give a good hand job. Like, if you want to get off, you can watch porn and get off, or if you are lacking sexual fantasy in your life, you can find it in pornography. I mean, it’s just such a huge factor in to every day life, and the visual portrayal of sex can really help people. There are some people who don’t have any sexual outlet aside from porn, so without porn, where what would those people be doing with that repression?

BECKY GOLDBERG. In: JOANNA. Becky Goldberg. 2004. Disponível em: <http://www.burningangel.com/archives/interviews/becky_goldberg.php>. Acesso em: 1 mar 2008.



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